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As a self-described computer nerd I provide a variety of services through my consulting company, FTS, LLC. Projects in new and different areas are always welcome! Some of the services I have provided in the past include:

Software Development

With more than twenty years of software industry experience, I provide expertise in application development, reporting, and database administration.

Web Hosting

Since its earliest days FTS has provided low-cost, reliable web hosting solutions for individuals and small businesses.

Writing and Publishing

As an avid writer, I have written multiple blogs and published the book Only Read the Fine Print, a collection of ideas and useful advice.


Below is a sampling of my work through FTS.

Confidential Clients

Software Consulting

Green Jobs New England

Web Application Development

Only Read the Fine Print


About Tom

Thomas Briggs

President, FTS

Thomas Briggs lives in Rhode Island with his wife, their three beautiful children, and four rabbits. For twenty years he has been a software developer and manager for start-up software companies. When not hacking software or leading engineering teams he enjoys hiking, martial arts, gardening, and writing.


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