Sybase Analytics Appliance: The First Data Management System?

The Sybase Analytics Appliance which was announced last week at the TWDI World Conference sounds a lot like a Data Management System to me. I can't say that I've had any positive experience with IBM POWER hardware, but that aside, this is largely what I've been envisioning. I don't know enough about PowerDesigner (yet) to know if it provides the modeling capabilities I want, nor do I know how pervasively the models created with it are used throughout the system, but... this is what I've been crowing about, at least at a "pieces of the puzzle" level.

Now, if I can just get somebody at Sybase to tell me more about it... nudge nudge, hint hint.

Quick follow-up thought: imagine marrying this with DATAllegro's hub-and-spoke grid, with these types of systems as the spokes. Tell me you're gonna top that for high-performance, application-tailored, low-administration, high-value enterprise data management. Look out.