Vertica Offers Two-Day Training Class in April

I must be blind, because I can't find a link to this anywhere on Vertica's site, but... Vertica is offering a two-day training program in early April that looks very interesting. For details see

Given my proximity to Billerica I might just have to go to this... I just have to convince my CFO to pay for it. :-P

Vertica for the Cloud Update

A quick update to yesterday's Vertica Enters the Cloud post: there is (now) an official press release.

One juicy tidbit from said press release that I want to highlight:

Vertica for the Cloud completely changes the economics of business analytics, making it economically feasible to rapidly initiate a much broader spectrum of analytic projects and businesses.

I need to dig into how hard it is to use services available through EC2, but if it's fairly straightforward then I think this is a legitimate claim. Quick and easy access to a fast, scalable (up and down) analytics database that doesn't require much or any up-front setup would be huge.

Really huge.

Vertica Enters the Cloud

And now, the entirely unexpected news for the day, thanks to this article from PC World: Vertica has entered The Cloud. Quote:

Database maker Vertica Systems is moving its technology to Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud infrastructure (EC2), hoping to score customers who want a hosted, pay-as-you-go model for data warehousing and BI (business intelligence), the company announced Monday.

I find this interesting not only because it is a new and different way to access a database, but because it plays to one of my pet peeves: scaling down. From the article:

Amazon's architecture also sets up Vertica "both for the midmarket (which generally doesn't use the most scalable premises-based [data warehousing] platforms)...

Though there doesn't appear to be an official press release, they do have a "Vertica for the Cloud" product page. In addition, there's a link on their homepage to an upcoming webinar titled "Analytic Data in the Cloud". I for one have already signed up, and am looking forward to it. This one should be really interesting.

Two Interesting Webinars Next Wednesday

Next Wednesday brings not one but two webinars that I think would be worth attending.

First, at noon EST, is Data Warehouse Appliances: An Update on the State of the Art. I'm happy to set aside my definition of appliance for an hour to hear what Mr. Russom has to say.

Shortly after that at 2PM EST comes A New Era in Business Intelligence: More People, More Data, Faster Answers with LogiXML and Vertica. We've heard a lot about the LogiXML/Vertica partnership recently, and I'm looking forward to getting a look at what it's all about.

Hope to see you there!

More Vertica Benchmark Results Made Available

Last fall I went on vacation and upon my return was greeted by some impressive benchmark results from Vertica.

Today I'm back from vacation and have once again been greeted by impressive benchmark results from Vertica. Granted, these benchmarks aren't based on queries/data that I provided, so they aren't quite as exciting to me personally, but still... pretty damn cool.

I wonder what I have to look forward to after my next vacation... :-P