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"New Breed" Database Extensibility

At present, I can think of at least 5 "new breed" database vendors that you allow you to extend their SQL language in some form or another:

Greenplum (I think)

Of course, the old guard is well-represented in this category as well - Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Teradata, etc. all allow language extension via custom functions, plug-ins, etc.

I don't know enough about it yet to know, but I think that Greenplum and AsterData might also belong on this list due to their support for Map/Reduce.

It wasn't all that long ago (3 or 4 years) that most of these vendors didn't even support the full SQL standard, never mind compiled-code extensions to their SQL language. Oh, the possibilities.

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Greenplum does indeed support MapReduce in the database as well as other analytic extensions such as R. These are implemented across the full parallel database.

The Aster In-Database MapReduce framework offers procedural extensions seamlessly integrated with ANSI SQL. Benefits include simplicity, ecosystem support (ODBC/JDBC), re-usability (via polymorphic qualities) - more powerful and efficient than UDF's or PL/SQL. Aster also provides pre-built SQL/MR functions such as nPath for sequential pattern analysis.

We just did a webcast last week on MapReduce, including a professor at Stanford who teaches a data mining course using Aster (full disclosure: Anand is also on our board):

More technical details on Aster Data blog:
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