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Things That You Just KNOW Ain't Gonna Happen

I received an interesting email from a database vendor this morning. Shortly afterword I received another from the same vendor that said this:

Dear Thomas

I believe you received this communication in error. I would kindly ask that you delete it immediately.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I hadn't exactly scrutinized the original email, but you can be damn sure I went back and read it after I got that second one.

(Did you really think I would just blithely delete it? Please.)

It was all pretty positive and interesting stuff. I look forward to them releasing it publicly.

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Reverse psychology is alive and well... You can bet that second email was designed to manipulate you into going back and not only re-read the original, but to intensely focus your mental resources to try and understand why they wished you to delete it. Oldest trick in the book - Called "Magician's Force". Everything old is new again!
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